What is Escena Erasmus?

Escena Erasmus is a pioneering theatre project in Europe based at the University of Valencia, in which European Erasmus exchange students mainly participate. Escena Erasmus Valencia is also the headquarters of the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network EUSCN.

The project aims to take advantage of the creative potential of students who spend a year in different European cities and encourage their participation in the cultural life of those cities.

Escena Erasmus offers students acting workshops and theatrical training, the creation and presentation of two shows and the possibility of participating in a tour of more than 30 municipalities in Spain.

What do we offer?

We offer a course where the basic techniques of interpretation and theatre are learned, carrying out multiple quality stage practices.

After having completed the acting training workshop, the actors and actresses have the opportunity to be part of the cast of the theatrical production that stars in the tours “Las Pequeñas Europas”, “IVAJ M’importa” and “Europa a scene” that tours from May to July through different towns in Spain.

Furthermore, during all of this we are working on the creation, organisation and management of the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network (EUSCN) which will soon offer more interchanges between receiving universities of Escena Erasmus.

Who can participate?

Any Erasmus students, alongside the students of the University of Valencia who are studying in the ordinary academic course. The project is formed by 70% Erasmus students, and 30% Valencian students. Before starting the course, there is an audition held between all of the applicants.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit the FAQ page of our website.

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