During 2013-2014, Escena Erasmus celebrated their fifth anniversary and on the 4th and 5th of April, all of the alumni – from twenty-one different countries – held a reunion.

During this commemoration there was a reading of the declaration of the Valencia Escena Erasmus 2014 ‘Something is rotten in Europe’ a phrase extracted from Hamlet by the students who, through theatre, intended to capture the attention of the Government, Political Powers and citizens of Europe by demanding the right for a future full of knowledge, justice and freedom for Europe within its cultural diversity and its united politics.

As is tradition, the show ‘The firefighter of Bucarest’ was produced, which paid homage to Romanian literature from the twentieth century and which was a critical and social reflection about the relation between Eastern European countries and those which are supposedly the ‘first economies’ of the continent.

This year we also celebrated the second version of the program ‘The little Europes’, which put Escena Erasmus in line for creating the show ‘After Europe’ an unpublished text written specifically for the occasion by the Valencian author Javier Sahuquillo and directed by Joseph Valero. It intended to create a before and after way of treating the different reflections of Europe which we always try to exhibit through our performances. With this production we visited the Valencian towns of Sellent, Titaguas, Albalat dels Tarongers, Gestalgar, Faura, Sumacàrcer, Castielfabib y Cofrentes.

Continuing with the social involvement of Escena Erasmus in projects raising the awareness of the city, in December 2013 we co-organised, alongside the Delegation of the Community of Valencia, ACNUR (UNHCR) the day ‘a river of music and poetry for ACNUR, emergency in Syria, help those to refine their roots in their lives’ in the riverbed of the Turia within the city.

In November 2013 we celebrated the second show of the year with ‘New routes of theatrical creation, of the improvisation and scenic creation.’ which was headed by the actor Carles Montoliu. In April 2014 the team of directors participated in the Days of Theatre and Education organised for the Xarxa Alcover in Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra).

During the month of May in 2014, the new headquarters of Escena Erasmus were created in the city of Cagliari in the Italian Island of Cerdeña. Scena Erasmus Cagliari was promoted by Scuola de Arte Drammatica di Cagliari i Akroama. On the 4th of June 2014 the alumni and actors of Escena Erasmus participated in the inaugural day of the EMAC 2014, which was the forty-third congress of the European Marketing Academy, celebrated in the Auditorium of the faculty of Medicine.

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