What is Escena Erasmus?

Escena Erasmus is a European drama project with it’s headquarters within the University of Valencia, promoted by the Victorectorship of Culture and Equality, of International Co-Operation for the General Foundation of the University of Valencia which is devised and directed by CRIT Theatre Company.

The participants of Escena Erasmus are mainly Erasmus students on their year abroad. The intentions of the project is to make the most of the creative potential of students spending a year in a different European city and boost the cultural scenes of these cities. Escena Erasmus offers these students acting and performance classes which result in a final show.

The main objective of Escena Erasmus is to encourage the growth of the Erasmus Scene Network, which is a network of European universities permitting the creation and interchange of cultural experiences with Erasmus students alongside local students. Currently, Escena Erasmus is achieving success within the universities of Marburg in Germany, Padova and Cagliari in Italy.

General Objectives

To promote the European co-operation of youths and to improve the communicative competence and capacity of the students who participate.

To implement innovative practical activities which enable a higher quality of education within the countryside. This work is in the form of learning new practical skills through working with the youth.

Specific Objectives

To move Escena Erasmus to other European universities whilst consolidating that the University of Valencia remains the headquarters of this network, potent in the interchange which it facilitates advancing towards a common educative space within Europe.

To favor a real European integration of a project equipped with a cultural base in theatre experience, created by European youths.