M’importa is not synonymous with “I want everything”, it is the opposite of “I don’t care about everything”. This values education programme aims to shed light on young people who are involved, who want to do things to change the world and, at the same time, wants to share tools to do so.

It is a program of commitment to values that grows seeds of solidarity, empathy, tolerance, peace, creation and creativity, social rights and so many other things that really matter to young people.

Within this program, the European theatre project Escena Erasmus offers its show in municipalities and theatres in the Region of Valencia during the month of June 2023. There will be two types of performances, some for general audiences in the evenings and some for young audiences and secondary schools (IES) in the mornings. On this occasion Escena Erasmus will present its latest show. After each performance there will be a colloquium with the actors and the director.

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