The project Escena Erasmus, in its third year, committed to being present in Valencian society and promoting the creative and supportive potential of the Erasmus community in parts of our territory.

We stared the year with the show ‘Street’ from Harold Pintor’s magazine sketches, which was a choral mix of audio-visuals and love songs.

We continued in May with a free representation of ‘Europe’ by David Greig, which on this occasion was named ‘Frontera.’ This was impressive show that reflected on borders still closed within the European Union which was living with its back to post-war torn Yugoslavia.

Once again, consecutively for three years, we won the competition ‘Las Huellas de la Barraca’ with the project ‘Lorca, Calderón y los Estudiantes de Babel’ which was directed by the director and professor Antoni Tordera and visited more than forty towns within eight regions within Spain.

Within this tour we collaborated with the Cultural Action Government of Spain and created the ‘I Festival de Dins’ in the central regions of Valencia, with the support of the Diputació de València. The festival would become the program ‘The Little Europes’ the following year onwards.

Not only did we perform the courses shows, but also Escena Erasmus was the protagonist of the ‘Solidarity Marathon of Poetry’ which was organised by the association Desde La Otra Orilla, for the benefit of ASPANION in April 2012.

In June 2012 Escena Erasmus participated in the day ‘Youth, employment and Training in the European Union’ which was organised in the European Parliament in UPV.

Escena Erasmus

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