The Small Europes or Las Pequeñas Europas is a touring stage project promoted by the Àrea de Cultura de la Diputació de València that picks up the nomadic spirit of theatre and performance in villages, with an active participation of students hosted by the University of Valencia within the Erasmus programme and local students. The philosophy of this initiative is to establish a bridge of dialogue, coexistence and collaboration between a group of young Europeans and the social and cultural life of each of the municipalities they visit, not only to make it more dynamic but also to offer growth possibilities through a reflection on the role of culture.


The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To promote European creative culture and exchange experiences with the people of the Valencian regions.
  2. To encourage true European integration with an active and leading role for young students.
  3. To promote an “immersive culture”, which allows life experiences oriented to the people.
  4. To activate the conscience and critical spirit of citizens.
  5. To value culture as a driving force for the local development of our towns and regions.
  6. To promote coexistence between the social and cultural collectives of the municipality and a European company of artists.



European theatre comes once again to many villages in the Valencian regions. Our actors and actresses were born and have lived in many corners of Europe and the world. The villages we will visit are also Europe, our Europe.

We want the people to enjoy a theatre show, and we want to create a meeting place that allows a reflection on what we are and what particularities unite us to our continent. We also want our actors to get to know our people and our culture and to talk about it in their own countries. “Little Europes” creates a bridge of dialogue between our local Europes and other cities all over Europe and the world.

“The Little Europes” is a touring programme put on by Escena Erasmus of the University of Valencia and the Àrea de Cultura de la Diputació de València.

Escena Erasmus (Charlemagne Youth Prize of the European Parliament 2011 and European Heritage Prize 2018 of the Pearle Live Performance Europe) is an international project of the University of Valencia in which Erasmus students and local students participate to take advantage of their creative potential, to encourage their participation in the social and cultural life of our country, and in this way, to build a Europe more beneficial for everyone.

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