In the sixth version of Escena Erasmus, the European Project underwent important changes in the structure of work and production of shows. Since Escena Erasmus was born the project was firmly based in the ideas of integration and promotion of professional scenic artes of Valencianos. For this reason, since the direction of the project, there was an agreement to collaborate with the foundation ‘AUTOR’ of the general society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) and to perform the scenes written through ‘Urgent Theatre’ by the madrileño author Juan Cavestany at the end of November 2014. Many authors participated, representing the valencian outlook. Therefore, in January 2015 the show ‘scenes of urgency’ was performed, written by a team of the course in ‘Salon de Actos’ of he SGAE in Valencia.

In february 2015, the first show was presented in the ‘Sala Matilde Salvador del Cultural Centre of La Nau of the University of Valencia, titled ‘URGENCY: Materials for a European show’ which contained short unpublished scenes by the authors: Guadalupe Sáez , Xavier Puchades, Daniel Tormo, Maribel Bayona, Robert March, Carmen Valera, Eugenia Sancho, Antonia Montaner, Ana Albaladejo, Lucía Sáez, Rafa Segura and two short texts of theatre over air by Juan Cavestany.

During this year there was a development also within the section ‘The Small Europes,’ in the Cultural Area of the Council of Valencia with a strong participation of the Vice rector of Projection and Territorial Participation of the University of Valencia through the program; The University and Society. The involvement of this meant that we could take our shows to bigger theatres in grander cities within the region of Valencia such as Ontinyent and Llíria or L’Eliana.

The show which was produced during this ‘ The Small Europes’ was ‘ Europe, Cabaret of Disenchantment’ an extraordinary call for hope from the youth, convinced that it is possible to forge a better future, although Europe today is a scene of disenchantment. The project presented a furious entertainment of a Cabaret in a theme dominated by desperation, in a European Union of democrats and bureaucrats which have shaken the foundations of a peaceful coexistence in the name of austerity. The show which was written for the occasion by a number of Valencia playwrights, which was thanks to a meeting between the youths and the writers.The show was made up of the scenes “Master of ceremonies” by Maribel Bay ‘I am Europe”, the musical number by Eugenia Sancho collaborating with Julio Montalvo; “Amply prepared” by Pasqual Alapont; “An ideal World” by Javier Sahuquillo y “The barter” by Josep Lluís Sirera, whilst everything was under the direction of the playwright Daniel Tormo.

With this show we carried out a tour of two weeks travelling the province of valencia, visiting Gátova, Alcublas, La Eliana, Ontinyent, Llíria, Valencia and Montesa, which was viewed by more than two thousand four hundred of the general public.

Also within this year the foundations were laid to draw a strong European strategy to consolidate the Escena Erasmus network and to interact between the different headquarters of the project.

Finally in the month of March the conference ‘The Function of Critical Theatre in Our Days’ was organised. Contributions from the italian outlook where the professor of the University of Padova and the theatre critic of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, was invited, Caterina Barone. Nearly all of the theatre critics active in the Valencia print were also present for the conference.

During this run, many of the alumni of Escena Erasmus had also participated in the artistic project ‘Outer Seed Shadow’ of the artist Juanli Carrión, an installation which was exhibited in the cloister of the cultural centre ‘The Nau’ of The University of Valencia.

Escena Erasmus