In September 2015, our co-director Daniel Tormo participared in the first edition of Foro Conecta2 in Europe, that took place in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Valencia. He was among speakers such as Ignacio Samper (Director of the European Parliament’s Office in Spain), Antonio Ariño (Vice-rector of Culture and Equality of the University of Valencia), Alfonso Alcántara (coach for professional reinvention, employment and entrepreneurship 2.0.) and Jane Bamford (Territorial Chief of Hays Recruiting Experts Worldwide).

In November 2015, our collaborator and co-director of European Projects, Paula Iranzo (Legal Services of the General Foundation of the University of Valencia) presents the Escena Erasmus Project as an exemplary case of the positive practice of non-formal and intercultural education in the Mediterranean in the XVI Annual Assembly of the Anna Lindh Network.

In February 2016 the first play of the year premieres in the Matilde Salvador Theatre of the University of Valencia, called  “Schengenland or the National Tourism (EU)” with texts by Laura Sanchis, Antonia Montaner, Carmen Valera, Francisco Sanguino and Robert March, under the dramaturgical coordination of Daniel Tormo and directed by Josep Valero and María José Soler.

This play is a work that continues on the road started last year with “Europe, Cabaret of Disenchantment” that aspires to establish a dialogue with today’s Valencian authors in an intent to ponder over Europe through the young European participants’ eyes. A brief yet intense trip through numerous actual problems of this Europe that is getting nowhere.

In May 2016 “The Circus of the Border” is presented in La Nau of the University of Valencia, a play directed by Anna Marí and María José Soler, written by Manuel Molins, Maribel Bayona, Jacobo Pallarés, Guada Sáez, Mertxe Aguilar, Daniel Tormo and Anna Marí. The production, starring twelve students from Spain, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Estonia, United Kingdom, Italy and Chile, toured 21 towns of the Valencian Community and travelled more than 1.800 kilometres. There were over 5.300 people in total in the audience.

In July 18th 2016, the “Tree of Europe” was planted in the Bolot fountain of Macastre (la Hoya de Buñol). A tree, which, in the words of the directors of Escena Erasmus, “wants to turn into a symbol of hope and which will also bear witness to this proposal by Macastre and Escena Erasmus, so that the European Project grows roots and flourishes through the values defended by the Programme “Little Europes: a Europe for its citizens, defending its land”.

Escena Erasmus

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