The European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2011

In its second year running, Escena Erasmus won the national Charlemagne Youth Prize, and the third European Charlemagne Youth Prize ever granted by the European Parliament, for promoting culture and ‘Europeanism’ between European youths. Escena Erasmus was the first Spanish project to win such a prestigious prizes. This prize allowed Escena Erasmus to present this project to the European Parliament.

The reasons granted for winning this prize were:

  1. The project, pioneer of its kind in Europe, complied perfectly with the objectives of the prize.
  2. It was a serious and continued project with European projection.
  3. It represents good practice and strengthens the exchanges between European Universities.
  4. It promotes the acquisition of cultural knowledge of Europe in its participants and serves as a tool to spread knowledge about theatre literature within Europe.
  5. It is an initiative likely to serve as a model for other European students within different universities of different countries of the European Union.

The prize was awarded in a ceremony within the city of Aachen in Germany on the 31st of May 2011 and was presented by the president of the European Parliament Erzy Buzek y del Vice-president Martin Schulz.


Premio Carlomagno

Entrega Premio Carlomagno

Las Huellas de la Barraca 2010, 2011 y 2012

For the past three consecutive years of this cultural program, Escena Erasmus has won the contest ‘Las Huellas de la Barraca’ with: Europa o la nave de los locos (2010), El maravilloso retablo de las maravillas europeas (2011) and Lorca, Calderón y los estudiantes de Babel (2012).


Las Huellas de la Barraca was a cultural program of university theatre created by the State Society for Cultural Commemorations in 2006 (from 2010, Spanish Cultural Action) directed by César Oliva in order to revive the experience of traveling theatre groups like El Teatro del Pueblo de Alejandro CasonaEl Búho de Max Aub and La Barraca de García Lorca, on the 75th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic, who made it possible with its policy of bringing culture to the most remote villages,.


Las Huellas de la Barraca was an annual initiative that took the name of the most well-known university theatre group of the early twentieth century -thanks to its director, Garcia Lorca- whose works remained working with other peninsular and Hispanic groups during the summer for seven editions.


Following a competition and public selection open to public schools and classrooms college theatre, half a dozen selected groups were subsidized to work on one of the proposed plays, which varied each year depending on the chosen theme, usually including pieces of Golden Age or contemporary authors. All the course work was shown in a traveling tour through squres and villages of Spain coinciding with some important festivals such as the Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro in Almagro. The tour included different routes for each group in order to have a bigger range, although some could coincide and some groups had to share the stage.

Las Huellas de la Barraca obtained in 2010 the Premio Dionisos, established by the UNESCO Centre of the Community of Madrid to reward theatre projects with social impact. The main reasons given by the jury were: the support the phenomenon of university theatre, altruism of the actors-students, the creation of new theatre audience, and the promotion of cultural theatre in territories whose geographical conditions prevent them from having a rooted theatre scene.

A Video of the last show in ‘The Treads of the Shack 2012’.

Las Huellas de La Barraca


The directors of the European theatre Project Escena Erasmus from the University of Valencia Anna Marí, Daniel Tormo and Josep Valero (CRIT Companyia de Teatre) won in January 2018 the 5th edition of the Young Talent Award given by the Valencian Community in the category of Culture.

This award was organised by Editorial Prensa Valenciana, S.A.U. This publishing house is in charge of assembling, organising and developing the Premios de Editorial Prensa Valenciana, S.A.U. y BANKIA: “Talento Joven Comunitat Valenciana” whose objective is to support the development of a Valencian society through the acknowledgement of its Young talents, those who can become prominent names in a medium to short term or at least acknowledge the work of those who have to condition to do so.

The hosts and sponsors of the awards are the publishing Company of the Levant-EMV newspaper, the Editorial Prensa Valenciana, S.A.U., and the financial entity BANKIA.

The award was given for its encouragement of European integration through the medium of the performing arts and for its recovery of Valencian cultural patrimony in their works.


The managing team of the Project European theatre Project Escena Erasmus from the University of Valencia Anna Marí, Daniel Tormo and Josep Valero (CRIT Companyia de Teatre) was awarded in November 2018 with the Honourable Mention of the “Spotlight on Heritage in Culture and the Arts” award from the European assciatoon of performing arts exmplyers PEARLE LIVE PERFORMANCE EUROPE.

The objective of these awards was to highlight and celebrate the innovative achievements that many organisations of European employers have achieved in the last year in such broad files as equality of opportunities, diversity, learning through life, social dialogue or cultural patrimony with the objective of transforming the performing arts in a healthier, fairer and more secure area to work on.

The PEARLE Awards 2018 are an essential part of the “Behind the Stage” program, an innovative Project directed by Pearle* with the financial help pf the European Union, intended to enhance the role and ability of performing arts employers and to strengthen the social dialogue in the European sector of the performing arts. This Project has been designed and developed in the context of the “European Pillar of Social Rights in 20 Principles” that was signed in 2017 by the EU Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission during the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth in Gothenburg.