It was 2013 that for the first time ‘The Small Europes’ was realised through the Cultural Area of the Council of Valencia with the main principal to form links between the villages and the regions represented by the members of Escena Erasmus and the small villages of the Community of Valencia. In the end, the inhabitants learn about our cultural activities whilst valuing their own as they present them to us, meaning they are making a name for themselves and knowing other cultures, this is a reality of culture in Europe.

In 2015, we integrated as a member of the organisation for the Participation and Territorial Projection of the University of Valencia through the program ‘University and Society’ which permitted the programme to visit the small villages as well as the grand cities in the province moving the shows closer to the general public in larger theatres in the province of Valencia.

The Small Europes is not only a program to expose the culture of the small villages and to share experiences with their inhabitants but also has an objective to become a constant educative mission through the reflection and the observation of the current society which we are in.

Les Europes Menudes

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